Dwarf Iris Society

About the Dwarf Iris Society

The Dwarf Iris Society (DIS) is an educational and scientific nonprofit organization. Founded by Walter Welch and associates in 1950 (as the Dwarf Iris Club), the society is now a section of the American Iris Society.

From the society's bylaws:

Section 2. The primary purpose of this organization shall be to promote interest in the growing, development, and preservation of miniature dwarf bearded irises (MDBs). The means for attaining the purpose may include, but are not limited to:

  1. producing publications and other educational materials about MDBs;
  2. encouraging the development and support of display gardens for MDBs;
  3. assembling multiple supporting collections of all existing MDB cultivars to preserve their enjoyment for future generations of gardeners and hybridizers;
  4. conducting symposia to determine the best or most popular varieties of MDBs;
  5. supporting scientific research such as experimental hybridizing programs or collection and preservation of varying forms of dwarf iris species; and
  6. collecting, maintaining, preserving, and distributing photo documentation of MDBs and various forms of dwarf iris species.

Section 3. Additionally, DIS acquaints fellow iris enthusiasts and the general public with the smaller irises of all classes and types; stimulates and fosters interest in botanical and horticultural pursuits; cooperates with other organizations, public and private, to further learning about all dwarf irises by any means consistent with these Bylaws and as outlined in Section 2.

See our leadership directory for contact information.

Our bylaws provide the fundamental structure and rules by which we operate.

Our leadership manual contains all DIS policies and procedures and enumerates the reponsibilities of officers and other position holders.

Photo credit: Coro Martin, 'Blue Beret' (Roberts, 1967)