Dwarf Iris Society

American Iris Society Awards

Accredited judges of the AIS vote awards to irises of all types each year, based on their performance in gardens accross the US and Canada. The first such award is the honorable mention (HM). An iris must receive the HM to be eligible for the award of merit (AM). MDBs that have won the AM go on to compete for the Caparne-Welch medal, which is the highest award for MDBs. A complete list of Caparne-Welch winners, from 1950 to the present, is available on the AIS Iris Encyclopedia.

Click on the name of an iris to view its page in the AIS Iris Encyclopedia.

Caparne-Welch Medal 2019

Beetlejuice (Black, 2013)

photo: Paul Black

Award of Merit 2019

Elf Esteem (Black, 2015)

photo: Jeanette Graham

Fairy Firefly (Aitken, 2015)

photo: Aitken's

Honorable Mention 2019

Wee Dragons (Miller, 2017)

photo: Jeanette Graham

Bam (Tasco, 2017)

photo: Rick Tasco

Caparne-Welch Medal 2018

Kayla's Song (Spoon, 2009)

photo: Virginia Spoon

Award of Merit 2018

Black Olive (Black, 2013)

photo: Paul Black

Hot Coals (Aitken, 2014)

photo: Aitken's

Honorable Mention 2018

Small Token (Miller, 2014)

photo: Aitken's

Storm Compass (Chancellor/Rust, 2014)

photo: Virginia Spoon