Dwarf Iris Society

Membership in the Dwarf Iris Society

Membership in the DIS is a great way to become involved in the fascinating world of dwarf irises and share your interests with others. Membership benefits include:

Our membership year coincides with the calendar year. So, for example, if you join any time in 2022, your membership will expire on January 1, 2023. You will receive the 2022 Portfolio and any other 2022 publications and be able to participate in all DIS member activities for the remainder of 2022.

Available membership types are annual (one year) and triennial (three years), either single (one person) or dual (two persons at same address sharing publications).

membership type dues
single annual $12
dual annual $15
single triennial $29
dual triennial $32

Membership Promotions

AIS New Member Promotion. The American Iris Society is running a special membership promotion during March, April, May, and June. If a new member joins DIS during that time, they receive one year of membership in AIS free! The offer only applies to those who have never been members of DIS or AIS before. Renewals and returning members do not qualify. If you know someone who might be interested in joining DIS and AIS, please let them know about this special offer.

DIS Recruitment Bonus. DIS is also offering a special recruitment bonus, effective throughout 2022. If you recruit one or more new members to DIS, we will extend your own membership for an additional year at no charge. This combines nicely with the AIS promotion above!

DIS Triennial Membership Bonus. We would like to encourage members to join and renew at the triennial level. If you are currently an annual member and renew at the triennial level, you will receive a $10 discount applicable to the plant sale or seed sale. The offer also applies to new members who join at the triennial level this year. This offer is good throughout 2022.

You may purchase a membership of the type of your choice at our online store or by contacting our membership chair (Sean Zera) at membership@dwarfirissociety.org

Photo Credit: El Hutchison, 'Little Drummer Boy' (Willott, 1997)