Dwarf Iris Society

DIS Seed Sale

Welcome to the Dwarf Iris Society seed sale! Growing irises from seed is fascinating and fun.

The 2023 seed sale is underway at our online store, with over 100 different seed offerings from MDBs, SDBs, and bearded species, including hand-pollinated crosses. Check here for updates.

Most open-pollinated seed selections from previous years have been moved to the surplus list and will be available to both members and nonmembers. You must be a member of DIS to buy seeds from the members-only list, but you may join at the same time you order your seeds. Sorry, US/Canada addresses only at this time.

Seed donors welcome! If you have surplus iris seeds, please consider donating them to the DIS seed sale. Please consider making some crosses this spring specifically for the seed sale. Hand-pollinated crosses involving dwarf irises are especially welcome, but we accept all kinds of seed, including open-pollinated ("bee pod") seeds of any type of iris. Seeds should be received by September 15.

New to growing irises from seed? Named varieties (hybrid cultivars) do not come true from seed. Each seedling is a unique individual, never before seen. Hybridizers make planned hand-pollinated crosses to raise new varieties. Open-pollinated seeds result from bees and other insects, so the plant providing the pollen is unknown. Hybridizers may find our seed offerings useful to supplement their breeding programs; nonhybridizers often enjoy growing irises from seeds for fun and to enjoy the surprise of all the different blooms that result.

For more information, contact seedsale@dwarfirissociety.org

Photo credit: Tom Waters