Dwarf Iris Society

DIS Seed Sale

Welcome to the new Dwarf Iris Society seed sale! Growing irises from seed is fascinating and fun.


We welcome your donations of seed. Please consider making a few crosses this spring for the seed sale. Hand-pollinated crosses involving dwarf bearded cultivars and species are preferred, but open-pollinated ("bee pod") seeds and seeds from all types of irises are accepted. Please label your seed donation with parentage and approximate count of seeds, and mail to the seed sale chair by October 1. If your seeds are not ready by this deadline, drop us to note and let us know they will be coming later.

Mail your seed donations to:

DIS seed sale
c/o Tom Waters
P O Box 201
Tesuque, NM 87574-0201

Buyers: The sale opens on October 15. You must be a member of DIS to buy seeds, but you may join at the same time you order your seeds. Seed donors have priority, but all other orders are processed in the order received.

For more information, contact seedsale@dwarfirissociety.org

Photo credit: Tom Waters, Iris pumila seedlings