Dwarf Iris Society

Surplus Seed Sale

While DIS members may still order from the main seed sale, we have made open-pollinated seed available to nonmembers through this surplus seed sale. There are a number of different offerings to choose from. You may order as many packets as you like, availability permitting.

How to Order: To order, send an email to seedsale@dwarfirissociety.org. Include your name and full shipping address and preferred payment method (personal check or Paypal invoice). Sorry, US orders only. Please order by item number and indicate the number of packets of each (if more than 1). When we receive your order, we will contact you to confirm availability of your seeds and make payment arrangements. There is a $3 shipping and handling charge for each order.

The sale is open to both DIS members and nonmembers. If you are not a member, we invite you to join when you order. Please indicate the type of membership in your email.

Note: The inventory on this page is not updated automatically. We make every effort to keep it updated as orders are processed, but it is possible that some items may sell out before we get to your order. Thank you for your understanding. We recommend you refresh this page in your browser to ensure you have the most recent update when you send your email order.

We are thankful to our generous seed donors Elizabeth Rieniets (ER), Kimberly Rieniets (KR), and Tom Waters (TW).

Surplus Seed List

item # Description Donor seeds per packet packets available price per packet
20-08 Iris pumila mixed forms TW 20 many $2.00
20-18 K. Rienets IB sdlg KIRib20OAprpl (parentage unknown) X ? ER 10 3 $1.00
20-26 bearded irises: mixed classes and heights ER 20 many $1.00
20-27 SDB Crystal Ship X ? ER 16 1 $1.00
20-30 SDB Starbaby X ? ER 10 2 $1.00
20-32 SDB Reboot X ? ER 20 3 $1.00
20-34 SDB Zuni Thundercloud X ? ER 10 6 $1.00
20-36 SDB Show Glow X ? ER 10 6 $1.00
20-37 SDB Wild Wizard X ? ER 20 6 $1.00
20-46 SDB Herkle X ? ER 10 2 $1.00
20-47 SDB Pink Caper X ? ER 10 4 $1.00
20-51 MDB Two Cream Tea X ? ER 20 7 $1.00
20-55 SDB Tweety Bird X ? ER 20 4 $1.00
20-67 SDB Cat's Eye X ? ER 10 1 $1.00
20-69 SDB Despacito X ? ER 20 7 $1.00
20-71 SDB Code Blonde X ? ER 9 2 $1.00

Photo credit: Tom Waters